"it took me dying, to realize that our Uniqueness is our value.  Our Value is Our Contribution on this Earthly Journey."~

Erica McKenzie, RN, BSN, is a inspirational speaker, messenger, advocate, researcher and soon to be author.  She is the creator of the online weekly show ETV.  She is an active member of the National League for Nursing, American Nurses Association, The national Hospice and Palliative Organization, The American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine and the International Association for Near-Death Studies.  She is an Near-Death Experiencer, After Death Communication and Orb Phenomenon Experiencer.

At the age of twelve she had an eating disorder that continued for twelve years.  This led to a nine year addiction to a weight loss drug called Phentermine.  The Phentermine took a physiologic toll on her health and eventually led to her death on October 1, 2002.

Erica spent what felt like to her, a life-time in Heaven learning many lessons from God.  While she was there she was given tools of knowledge and wisdom that she would need for her new mission.  Erica thought she was staying in Heaven but God revealed to her that she now worked for Him.

Upon leaving Heaven, part of Erica's training for her new mission on earth required her to take a trip to the Edge of Hell.  This profound Near-Death Experience was life changing.  She brought back gifts that God gave to her designed to share with others.

Before she would be able to start sharing her gifts she would go on to face several medical challenges:  Endometriosis, a total Hysterectomy which led to surgically induced menopause, thyroid disorder, hormonal imbalances, panic attacks and anxiety attacks, Raynaud's disease, heart and lung issues, a tonsillectomy, and basal cell skin cancer.

"It took me dying , to learn that our uniqueness is our value.  Our value is our contribution on this Earthly Journey.  There is power in our uniqueness!"

"When I was able to shift my perception of these issues and realize that I am an Advocate for my health, my body, my wellness, it was then that I discovered I could over come any challenges by refusing to let those challenges define my potential greatness.  Finally, I  was able to see that for me greatness meant embracing and truly loving myself no matter where I am on my journey.  For me learning to advocate for myself meant utilizing every resource I had to gain knowledge."  "Knowledge Is POWER!"

"Every person deserves to truly love themselves.  To be able to embrace, empower and awaken to their true uniqueness!  I am determined to help you to remove potential roadblocks and shift your perception of yourself so that you can begin to access the tools of knowledge that will start you on a Journey with YOU being an advocate for wonderful YOU!!!"

Erica continues to increase awareness as she conducts interviews and research with the collaboration of other experts in the areas of :  the NDE, the orb phenomenon, After Death Communications, medical health and wellness, self-esteem issues, Hospice, human and animal rights issues. 

She is dedicated to bringing us that information through a weekly online show she has created called ETV.

"I help people to realize their value and see how it isn't necessary to dream big to get what you want in life.  In fact, everything people need to be happy, successful and fulfilled they carry within.  

 It is so important to me that with my messages I provide information, resources and tools from my experiences and other experts in a way that is easy for people to understand and apply to their own lives.  We all have incredibly powerful contributions to make throughout our Earthly Journeys.

I believe we need to learn to love ourselves,  to be able to identify, grow and use our gifts because those gifts are the very things that make up our  value. 

I believe when you come to the table, whether it's the business table, the relationship table or the dinner table it really doesn't matter because what you must begin to understand is the only important thing to bring to the table is YOU.

That table was never designed for one person to be at alone.  In fact, when we can come to the table bringing our uniqueness with others as they too bring their uniqueness it is together with all of our different gifts that we will be able to accomplish great things."

Erica is a light and inspiration as she helps us all to truly feel something in our own hearts that many of us have forgotten we have --------------------Love for Ourselves.




Erica McKenzie, RN interviews Virginia Hummeland Nancy Meyers

My interview with Virginia Hummel for her perception shift on grief and life after loss.

Erica McKenzie, RN interviews Virginia Hummel and Nancy Meyers

My interview with Virginia Hummel and Nancy Meyers, parents of children who have crossed over,  bringing your gifts, your contributions to the table