Erica McKenzie, Rn

Explores: The Afterlife Connection

The Science

Unlocking the Mysteries Proof of The Afterlife

The After-Effects

Spiritual Healing in the Medical System

Non-Ordinary Phomonenon

Probing Questions that Shed Global Light

Shared Near-death Experience

A Tragic Accident Leaves a Family Torn Apart and in Need of Support


Erica McKenzie Dying to Fit In: A Near-Death Experience


The Dr. Oz Show

Erica McKenzie: A Near Death Experience and the Aftermath

The Advocate

Communicating with Consciousness

Erica McKenzie, Rn: A Global Unification

Holding a Place of Support for Spiritual Experiences

The Interviews

Erica McKenzie: A Nurse's Assessment

The Project

John Hopkins Completes Their Survey Study

The Signs

Erica McKenzie: Parents of Lost Loved ones and the Signs they are with us

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