Erica McKenzie, BSN, RN hid a lifelong battle with addiction and body image until it ended nearly 15 years ago when she collapsed to the floor unconscious.  Surrounded by death, she went on to have an extraordinary near-death experience (NDE), in Heaven, Hell and the in-between. Erica returned with a new mission but first she would endure many challenges that would test her faith and connection with God and which began with learning to love herself and heal her life.  She spent days in a psychiatric facility after telling a doctor about her NDE.  Without any previous history of mental illness, at age 31, she found herself on a list of anti-psychotic medications and separated from her children.

This medical treatment caused her to question the education protocol used when assessing experiences like the NDE in the healthcare system. She identified the need for an increase in education regarding such experiences and implementation of a spiritual component to healing protocol as a nursing student, and now years later as a patient. 

Erica’s NDE profoundly transformed how she views life and death, and how she now lives her life. From her experience, she learned to identify and eliminate potential "roadblocks" to healing from the after-effects of transformational life experiences. She demonstrates how to shift our perception of these experiences, viewing them as learning opportunities that if we choose, can become powerful tools of healing and awakening.

Erica is dedicated to encouraging people who have had a near death, or some other non-ordinary experience, to communicate about their own experiences.  In sharing her story, people have contacted her from all over the world with questions. Many have graciously opened their hearts, sharing their personal experience and how it has changed their lives. Those stories have inspired her to work as a team with other experts who see the value in learning from these experiences. This dedication recently gained the attention of Rolland Griffiths, Ph.D., Head of Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine States of Consciousness Research Team Medical/Neurology/Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences Department.  He extended her an invitation to serve as the ambassador for their new anonymous, web-based, global survey study regarding Near Death or other non-ordinary experiences.

Respected and sought out by numerous experts in the medical, scientific, spiritual, education and business communities, desiring to study and learn from her experiences, ability to heal her life in all areas of body, mind and spirit, and helping others to do the same.  She’s been labeled one of the up and coming inspirational “new thought leaders”, with a recent guest appearance on the Dr. Oz Show, sharing the Global stage in Hungary as a keynote speaker for the International European Conference Spiritual Emergence Network with Stan Groff.  Erica continues to share lessons learned regarding the subjects of the afterlife, the after-effects that accompany such experiences, and healing from these transformational experiences.

As a medical expert, her unique qualifications stem from her life-long personal experiences of phenomena which encompass, but are not limited to, after-death communication, orb sightings, out-of-body experiences, ability to receive messages from Spirit, empathic abilities, premonitions, visitations, near-death experience.  She has continuing education hours for her nursing degree, researched and conducted a multitude of personal interviews with experiencers and experts in these areas.

Erica is an advocate for a consciousness-based approach to healing.  She utilizes her 22 year background in healthcare, research, investigative journalism, her unique abilities and her near-death experience to help to increase public awareness of transformational experiences and our ability to achieve personal healing in all areas of our lives.

Erica is the author of the book Dying to Fit In, and continues her research by collaborating with other experts and conducting interviews that encompass the afterlife, after-effects of transformational experiences, near-death experiences and other non-ordinary experiences, and medical health and wellness.  By creating a pilot for a television series, Erica’s goal is to work as a team to enlighten others by revealing the healing power in other people’s stories. 

Erica is awesome!

Virginia Hummel

“Erica is one of those rare speakers who speak from the soul, her heart is right in front of you, and her truth shines through to the entire audience.”

Alan Hugenot ENGR. SC.D Physicist / Mechanical Engineer, Near-Death Experiencer

“The subject of near-death experiences should interest every person who seeks trustworthy credible insight about what happens when we die and the transcendent meaning underlying earthly existence. Erica McKenzie’s powerful experience is one extraordinary case in point. It is a remarkable story from a remarkable woman. In a word, her book is magnificent, one worthy of the highest praise and recommendation. Expect to be inspired and enriched by this wonderful work.”
—John R. Audette, M.S., President, CEO & Co-Founder and, Principal Founder, International Association for Near- Death Studies (,

John Audette, M.S. President, CEO & Co-Founder and, Principal Founder, International Association for Near- Death Studies (,

“A moving, poignant, piece of work! Demystifying the Near-Death Experience! Erica McKenzie was able to take a most difficult subject and turn it into a compelling read that I recommend to all. Erica is walking her talk. Definitely a Must Read!”
—Nadia McCaffrey, Gold Star Mother & Child – Founder of Patrick McCaffrey Foundation –; http://www.veteransvillage.orgs

Nadia McCaffrey Gold Star Mother / Founder of Patrick McCaffrey Foundation /

“This important book…has the potential to be a great contribution to the medical community and heal many lives!”
David Brownstein, M.D. Medical Director for the Center of Holistic Medicine

David Brownstein, M.D. Medical Director for the Center of Holistic Medicine

“What Erica went through in the Psych Ward is literally an instruction manual for all near-death experiencers in how to survive what the medical community does not understand and refuses to acknowledge. Not only did she finally get her life back, she blossomed into an incredible intuitive visionary who now works for God.”
—P. M. H. Atwater, L.H.D., researcher of near-death states since 1978. Among her 11 books detailing her work is: Dying to Know You: Proof of God in the Near-Death Experience.

P.M.H. Atwater, L.H.D. Researcher / Author

“I have read many, many books about near-death experiences, and Dying To Fit In by Erica McKenzie is one of the best. Her book is clear and very well written. It’s easy to identify with the circumstances that led up to her having an NDE, and to the vivid description of her near-death account. She had a unique visit with God, during which she was given specific wisdom and assigned a mission to serve others. She states again and again that God has gifted all of us with individual values, and that we are to explore these differences in ourselves and use them to assist other people, thereby creating a better world through loving service.”
Bill Guggenheim, Coauthor of Hello From Heaven!

Bill Guggenheim Author of Hello From Heaven

“It has been a privilege to learn from Erica and I must admit that being in her presence, it is easy to feel the love. Her enthusiasm for helping others is contagious. She is truly a beautiful demonstration of the Rippling Effect and I am honored to collaborate with her, joining forces to bring awareness of the near-death experience to the health care industry and the importance of addressing all the components of the body, mind and spirit for healing. “

Rajiv Parti, M.D. Author of Dying to Wake-Up

“This is one book you won’t want to miss! Dying to Fit In is an exceptionally beautiful and well-written book. Erica McKenzie’s near-death experience is dramatic. Her dialogue with God exudes an abundance of wisdom with messages for all of us. With each turn of the page, you will find a treasure trove of awareness and inspiration. The powerful insights and understandings in this highly recommended book could change your life.
—, Author of the New York Times bestselling; Evidence of the Afterlife: The Science of Near-Death Experiences

Jeffrey Long, M.D. Author /

“Erica McKenzie is a registered nurse who has not only seen many patients come back from the brink of death with reports of experiencing the other side, but who has also had her own profound near-death experience.”

Tara MacIsaac, The Epoch Times Reporter / The Epoch Times

“I have read many accounts of near-death experiences, but the one that Erica McKenzie relates in Dying To Fit In is one of the most moving and profound I have ever encountered. Not only that but the seemingly literal God-given wisdom that Erica shares with her readers is a gift beyond price. This book deserves, and I believe is destined, to reach the widest possible audience.”

Kenneth Ring, Ph.D. Author, Lessons from the Light